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What is it?

This video is a recording of a webinar for the American TESOL Institute.  It’s a bit long – about 40 minutes – but it discusses a number of different web based tools to use with your class as forms of alternative assessment.  I’m not going to go and reiterate the entire thing here, but here are the hits:

http://audioboo.fm/ – Kids create their own podcasts, respond to others’ podcasts, etc.

http://voicethread.com/ – Another forum for online, archived conversations

http://en.linoit.com/ – Interactive classroom bulletin board

http://stripgenerator.com/ – Students can create their own comic strips for a number of different educational purposes.

Why is it important?

These sites could be a great way to “flip the classroom” and get students doing meaningful work on their own time.  It could also be a way to assess students for content knowledge if assignments are devised to allow students to show what they know about a topic.  I know it takes a lot of time, but these resources are definitely worth a look.


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