ELLs and Special Education

Here’s a presentation/powerpoint (in .pdf format) from the WIDA consortium about English language learners and special education.  Among other great points raised in the presentation; Speaking a language other than English is not a disability!



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“Sheltered Instruction” for ELLs

From Bilingual Basics!

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Academic Language and English Language Learners

Check it out!  Via Colorin Colorado…

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Do’s & Don’ts for English Language Learners

Here’s a great guide to some classroom practices to embrace and avoid when working with ELLs.  From Larry Ferlazzo’s Edutopia blog…


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Top 60 iPad Apps for Teaching STEAM Organized by Grade Level

Great STEM/STEAM apps from Dr. Broady’s ESL blog, organized by grade level cluster and subject. Great find!


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Being an English Language Learner

Check out this short film, Immersion, which gives us a great view into what our students’ worlds might be like.  Definite food for thought about what some of our students are going through.


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English Language Learners By State

Here’s some great information on our ELL populations, broken down by state, thanks to the Migration Policy Institute!

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