Top Five Technology Tools for ELL Teachers

Reblogged from Learning is Growing via Dr. Broady’s ESL blog! This post provides some general direction in using technology with our ELLs. It also links to a lot of other great resources on technology for ELLs. Enjoy!

Learning is Growing

I recently introduced teachers of English language learners to a variety of technology tools that can be integrated into the classroom. These tools are actually beneficial for all classrooms.

It has been said many times that as teachers we are preparing students for THEIR futures, not our past. We need to take a hard look at our classrooms and instruction. Have our practices moved into the 21st century or are they still locked in the past? Does school look and feel like it did when we went to school?

Changing our practices is not an easy process. We need to allow ourselves time and the feeling of some discomfort. Taking baby steps, but always moving is the key. If we sit and rest, we won’t move along the path to preparing students for their futures.

There are three key principles teachers of English language learners should use to help their…

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